Monday, November 4, 2013

Twin gender reveal party details

Check out yesterday's blog if you want to see our reaction to finding out we were having two more boys. Today I'm posting pictures of the details. I have to say again that my cousin and her friend took care of all the details. They get all the credit. Seriously, every single detail was color coordinated. Pink symbolized is we were having two girls, blue for two boys, and yellow for one of each.

Here is my cousin's staircase banner decorated pink, blue, and yellow.
Guests were asked to sign a onesie with their guess.

Blankets were wrapped for each baby to reveal the sex.
Even the drinks and straws were color coordinated! Pink lemonade, lemonade, and blue koolaid and mason jars with yarns in a bow.
Adorable hand made pink, blue, and yellow wreath on the front door.
The invitation and color coordinated flowers
The candles were wrapped in pink, blue, and yellow chevron.


  1. Your party was adorable! :)
    I would love to do that, but obviously not till the second baby/

  2. I am planning on for my brother and his wife having twins - this looks adorable! Did you play games? Did you reveal at the beginning or have everyone eat first? What did the schedule look like? Thank you in advance!